(VERY belated blog post) PE & Chinsta

We made it to East London!!! Well, technically it’s East Chinsta (pronounced “sin-sa”) and we arrived a week ago. BUT WE’RE HERE! And we have just about six more weeks left in Africa. Time is flying. Chinsta is unlike anything we’ve experienced in South Africa. It is more like a secluded beach resort than the South Africa we’ve been used to. It is gorgeous. When you drive in to Chinsta from East London (the closest city to Chinsta) you drive down a steep hill and all you see ahead of you is ocean. The rolling hills and crazy mountains are what I’m really going to miss when I head back to the flat land that is Illinois. ANY WHO! So our first week here was interesting… our group has been separated into two groups: one group spent the first week working at African Angel’s School in Chinsta, while the other group (my group) worked at a “crèche” (pre-school) in one of the Chinsta villages working construction and such… yeah, me! My group members and I worked extremely hard digging holes (in rock, not top soil by the way), using pick axes, shoveling rock, building benches, and painting varnish all in the hot strong Africa sun. It was an exhausting week. This week, the groups have taken turns, so I’ve started working in a Grade R (kindergarten) class at the African Angel’s school while the other group is doing the construction. So much has happened that I don’t have words! Our Internet connection is very limiting. The connection is not very strong at all, so that’s why the blog post is coming so late! One more thing before I go. Our location of the house is BEAUTIFUL! We have a balcony view of the ocean that my dad would wet his pants over J We had surf lessons yesterday, saw a pack of wild monkeys go through our trash cans right outside our house, and have seen whales from the balcony. It’s been very eventful. 40 more days in counting! TTFN!


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