Zip Lining & Whale Watching

IT’S WEEKEND! Or at least, pretend it was weekend J Last weekend we were able to get outta PE! We took a weekend trip to Tsitsikamma national park. Tsitsikamma is in between PE and Cape Town and where we made our bungee jumping stop. Instead of jumping off a bridge, we zipped lined through the treetops! It was pretty fun. We got all harnessed up went on ten different lines in the woods. It was really pretty. I felt like Tarzan! The lines ranged from beginner to medium fast, to super fast! By the end of the weekend I was really sore from being all tensed up on the lines. Believe it or not, bungee jumping was more freeing/relaxing than zip lining. You were constantly tense and clenched up so it wasn’t as relaxing as you might think. Here is a link to the website where you can see some pictures of what the canopy tours are like (we had to leave all of our bags/cameras with Dr. Murphy). Tsitsikamma Zip Lining Canopy Tours.

            After the canopy tours we went to see about our sleeping situations…. We were backpackers. Backpacking. In a backpacker’s lodge. Let’s just say we weren’t prepared for that! Bunking it up with total dude strangers in the same room? No thanks! But we did have a good dinner that was included. In South Africa they have what’s called a “braai” which is Afrikaans for “roasted meat” and is basically the American equivalent of a “barbeque”… I think braii sounds classier. However I didn’t eat the meat 😛 so they made me a veggie wrap think on the grill that was super tasty.

            On Sunday we left early to drive to our whale watching location. There was a good size group of whale watchers going with us, probably about 40 or so. Before we left we all went around and said where we were from. There were people from Japan, Italy, Germany, England, Brazil, France, SA, and then us Americans. I was shocked at all the different locations people were traveling from! So we all got on the boat, which was smaller than I thought (“you’re smaller than I remember… whereas I barely remember you at all” YOU HEARD ME!). It was a beautiful day outside so it was great weather for being at sea… until we got out to see. The waves picked up as we got out in the water. We saw a school of seals and were able to see evidence of whales (we saw some blows from their blow holes and a few backs), but nothing really impressive. What was impressive was how seasick I felt!! I was fine until the boat stopped. We stopped many times and just bobbed up and down, up and down in the water while we scanned the waves for signs of whales. That’s when I felt it. At one point, three of the people form our group (including Dr. Murphy) threw up in the back of the boat! It was miserable! I had to turn away from one of the girls who kept saying “I think I’m going to throw up, I think I’m going to throw up” because I WAS GOING TO THROW UP TOO. But I didn’t. Thank God. No more whale watching for me!

            Besides the almost chucking and soreness from zip lining, it was a nice weekend. Sorry I couldn’t take any pictures on account of I was up in a tree and I was trying not to puke!


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