First Week & Internship

We survived the first week of our internship!! It is beyond crazy to think that our first week in Port Elizabeth is DONE! Only four more left to go (76 days in all!). Five days spent working with children seriously makes the time go by amazingly fast. I am excited to continue to work in the Pre R class with the four year olds! These next four weeks spent in the schools are going to be hectic and emotional for sure. All of the supplies and lessons that I took for granted during my schooling are definitely coming back to me as I see what little the students have in terms of resources in their classrooms. On Friday, Emily and I taught the kids to play “Red Light, Green Light”, the game where one person yells the color of a stoplight (there called “robots” here!) and the kids either run, walk, or stop. It was a great way to get the children outside and running around while they also learned their colors in English and how to follow directions. Our teacher really liked the game as well. Hopefully we can share ideas with our teacher on how to implement new activities and lessons into their daily routine using the resources they already have. I hope that God will continue to use me to serve these children in ways that I have yet to discover. I will be taking many pictures tomorrow of my classroom/students, so get ready to say, “awww!”

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