Mom: This is POETRY!

Mom: This is POETRY!

take a look at the website, they don’t have a lot of clothing on their site, but LOOK AT THEIR BOOTS! I should do my shopping there! 😉

5 thoughts on “Mom: This is POETRY!

  1. How extraordinary!!! Imagine Eileen and Anthro all in one place. I did look at the web site and thought that we could do some serious (why so serious?) damage.

    A couple of things you should know. The first one being somewhat sad — DeJesus got traded to the Nationals! Not only that but they told him he have been traded on the same day that the Nationals were in town. He looked so different in a uniform other than Cubbie Blue. When he got up to bat (for the Nat’ls) all the fans cheered and gave him a Standing ovation!! Wellllll

    We took Austin to Wesleyan yesterday and he’s happy and fitting in just fine. What a relief!! So today , of course I cleaned and purged all day long. It felt wonderful.

    Faj went to the Allman Brothers Concert tonight and Ger’s at Marching band. I haven’t decided if I’ll watch Skyfall or the Cubs game. Chances are the Cubs!!

    Emory is planning on coming home next Wednesday for about a week. Austin said he wanted to come home also — so the only one we’re missing is you. Maybe we could try another Skype session with everybody homeThat’s all the news I have for now. Your trip to the Memorials must have left you heavy-hearted. We take our rights, freedom, living situations, food, etc. for granted even when we don’t mean to. I’m very grateful for all that we have, which is so much more than we need or deserve, but I’m not as aware of it until I see and read your blog. Thanks for sharing and keeping me connected to the “real” world. It’s much bigger the Kane County!!

    Have a good rest of the week. I’m looking forward to more pictures!!

    Love and prayers, who me!

    • WHO! pick me for a skype session! poor DeJesus 😦 no my future husband Anthony won’t have a best buddy on the team. Welllll. (I’ll keep you posted!) with everything here too! Dr. Bredesen leaves today, and we’re counting down the days until PE (Port Elizabeth, street name!) I’m thinking about bungi jumping on the way out to PE (haha yes me! don’t tell faj!) Talk to you on Sunday! Me!

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