Butterflies and Wine

Two days ago/Friday we took a day trip with our wonderful tour guides Ebrahim and Arlene to the Wine lands of Cape Town. Our first stop along the way was Butterfly World, which is a tropical indoor garden. Outside it was cold and rainy, but inside it was warm and just like an indoor rainforest. We walked through rooms decked out in trees, flowers, and various kinds of animals. There were lots of butterflies, just flying around. We also saw a wide variety of parrots and other birds, little monkeys as well as HUGE iguanas. They were so creepy! We were just walking around, looking up and around (because we saw the sign for iguanas and weren’t sure where they were hiding) watching out for them when I saw one up in a tree! (Just like Key West, mom!) He was just chilling up there. Then we kept walking around the path and came across three more! One was the king sized daddy iguana all fat and long sitting on the path. I about jumped through the roof. We kept walking and saw a 24ft long python and a pretty green tree snake (both in glass cages!). We walked outside and saw little exhibits of tortoises and little mere cats!! It was so cold that they had a heat lamp on them while three of them were snuggling up together. Welllll J

We continued on our journey and stopped at a couple wine vineyards. We tasted some cheese and bread, and saw some donkeys and turkeys. The animals of South Africa will cease to amaze me. We then got back in our van to drive out to the Fairview Wine Estate to do a wine tasting! (I was going to put my Italian Wine class to good use!) Our group only paid R100 or $10 for the “Master Wine Tasting” where we got to taste 8 different wines with 8 different cheeses (that they make there!) and then 4 wines and 4 chocolates. It was a wine-filled day! I paced myself so it was all-good. When we pulled up to Fairview, we saw the goats that they use to make their cheese! They were in a little tower and the male goat stuck his head out. Everyone took loads of pictures. After the wine tasting I bought my Faj some Fairview wine! Only R70, which is $7!! Hopefully he’ll like it, but I can’t imagine him not!!

After the wine, we walked over to Red Hot Glass, which is a glassblowing studio and gallery right on the Fairview Estate property! It all reminded me of Ger. We walked in to a beautiful gallery with windows on 3 sides overlooking the hills and mountains. Stocked inside were hand made glass structures and artwork. It was beautiful. On the opposite side was the studio and two guys were busy making glass. One guy was the right-hand man to the real glassblower and he got the tools set up and started the glass with the colors for him. Then the other guy did the work. He had a huge blowtorch and his personal station. He had a long iron rod with the glass on the end that he would roll. He was making an orange glass fish when we were there. It reminded me of Key West when we saw the glassblowing woman. Only this stuff was for the big glass. The gallery sold huge and elaborate glass bowls, statues, and even chandelier type light fixtures all made of glass.

Our last stop was to a final winery. We were all kind of tired and hungry (lots of wine, lack of food!) so we didn’t do much tasting. It was nice to take a day trip outside of Cape Town, even though we’re still within the city. Even though it was kind of an ucky day, the scenery was still super pretty.


4 thoughts on “Butterflies and Wine

  1. Even on a cloudy day, this sounds lovely 🙂 WordPress note / if you want to upload all your photos in the same post, you can create a gallery & show them all in the same spot in a mosaic or a slideshow. Just upload all your media, select the ones you want, and choose “Create Gallery.” Keep the pics coming!

  2. Wine, cheese, and chocolate … sounds like a good day. 🙂 I think I’d freak out coming upon an iguana that size too, and I’m always happy to see snakes INside cages. You are really keeping busy, Anna. So much to see, to much to take in!

    • thanks Pat! I’m trying my best to take it all in. Sometimes it’s too much!! and that picture of the iguana doesn’t do it justice. (I about peed my pants!) It was super fat and long. Nasty rolls on it too, not like Tess 🙂

      • Hahaha, I imagine iguana rolls aren’t quite as sweet as Tess’s. (Iguana rolls: I suddenly am imagining some kind of sweet rolls now. But they don’t sound appetizing. )

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