Mom – who you?!

Mom - who you?!

this is the backpack I saw. Not quite your colors, I know. But is this the style you would like? These bags are harder to come by for some reasons. I’ll keep looking though! Me!


2 thoughts on “Mom – who you?!

  1. I’d love a backpack or bag kinda like my big gray one but with ALOT of colors! As Bond would say “I’ll do my best” but don’t knock yourself out trying to find one. I’m thrilled with the thimble! Sorry to hear that you’re not feeling good, that’s a big goo. How chilly is it there? Today it’s in the 60’s, feels like fall. At least your weather will be getting warmer and ours, well your heard me. Are the pictures that you post on the blog from your camera or phone?? They are so clear – keep them coming. If you were home tonight we could watch Skyfall, have a burrito bowl and a Corona with no one home but who you and who me! Instead, Levi, Tess and I will be watching your boy lead the Cubs to another victory!! Oh by the way those Cubs license plates on the truck are hot!! love, mom

  2. Oh goo! I miss my Q and Bond. By chilly I mean upper 50’s. I forgot how cold that is! The weather here is LITERALLY EXTRAORDINARY! As in one minute it will be sunny, then clouds roll in at a record speed, and then it just downpours for 5 minutes, and then starts all over again. If you could ask Fajie to look at my checking account and perhaps transfer a bit of money from my savings, that would be wonderful. I bet those plates are HOT! I miss Anthony Rizzo/my husband as well. I wish I had my mokisans here!!!!! My feets get real cold. Central heating is not something we have here. So we have to do lots o’ layers. I’d ask you to send a care package (girls here are having stuff sent over) but it probably wouldn’t make it to me in time 🙂 Ill keep you posted!

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