Mom – who you again!

Mom - who you again!

We went into an African fabric store…… you heard me! They make legit African dresses and even have fabric for sale. I saw these Bernina’s hidden on the floor and they reminded me of who you!


3 thoughts on “Mom – who you again!

  1. What about these Bernina sewing machines remind you of me? Is it the gray or their worn spots and have been “ridden hard and put away wet!” I’lll bet they reminded you of me because they were all by themselves, tucked in a corner, up against the wall hoping that no one would want to talk or look at them. They appear to be “old fashioned” and sometimes the old ways are the best!! I was laughing so hard at that picture that tears were running down my face and Austin couldn’t understand why I thought that was funny!! NO ONE GETS ME HERE!! Thank you for laughing with me — and at this point I don’t even care if you’re laughing at me, just laugh!! How awesome that you even went into an African fabric store – I LOVE THAT!!! You’re beautiful!! Did you tell the storekeeper “My mother had a Bernina once. It wasn’t much but to us it was paradise” Thank you for being who God has designed you to be. It is such a blessing and privilege to know you as I do and to be able to share so much of life and laughter with you even when we’re worlds apart. I’m praying daily for your safety, health, emotional and spiritual needs and am trusting that God has you and this experience in the palm of his hand. He loves you more than I do which seems an impossibility. I miss you a lot today and look forward to your next picture and comments. with laughter and tears, mom

  2. Sewing machines! Aw, I love it! I think your mom is a little bit there with you, Anna. 🙂 Chilly weather and your cold aside, it seems like you’re seeing such wonderful things. Every day seems like an adventure, learning new things.

  3. awwww you almost made me cry during my writing workshop! (we’re in class “revising” our papers) I miss you and am sorry nobody gets you there! Sometimes I feel like people don’t get me here too, so that’s okay.

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