look what I bought today!

look what I bought today!

I found a beautiful beaded handmade FAITH sign (i’m sure they make custom lettering/colors all in beads!), a bottle opener for one brother, and a hand-carved knife for another one. Guess what belongs to who!


4 thoughts on “look what I bought today!

  1. That looks just like you!!! (the FAITH sign, not the knife) you heard me!! I miss you!! Keep the posts coming. I love them They’re Beautiful!! just like you!! So it’s a job well done then…… love, mom

    • who!!! they make custom signs there with the beaded words. it was beautiful!! the weather here is currently: sucky. It is their real winter. I did not pack enough warm clothes!! And to top it off, I have a nasty cold going on 4 days now. My nose is congested and I have a scratchy throat/cough. GOO!! But Dr. Murphy said the pharmacies here are more helpful than the ones back home and it’s way easier to get stuff over the counter that you would normally need a prescription for! But yea I found Ger that knife yesterday! It’s taken me forever because knives are kind of not the normal African weapon. There are a lot of slingshots, spears, bows/arrows, but limited knives. So I got that one yesterday for R200 thats only 20 bucks! And I found a bottle opener for ster. or Austin. they like their beers. We went into an African music store yesterday and I was looking for something funky for Emory, but didn’t find too much. They did have this music not that had like a black mosaic pattern on it, but it was kinda sparkly/girly. I’ll keep looking. I have to go back to pick out a necklace for Austin too.

      I also found a store that sells lots of bags!! What kind of backpack are you wanting? I found one that has the drawstrings with the flap that folds down (like my gray one), but the colors weren’t bright. Or would you want a shoulder bag? Not like mine that’s the crossbody, but I think they make shoulder bags. Anywhoo, I’ll keep my eye out. I’m thinking of getting Fajie some coffee, real Artisan blended coffee. The kitties titties hahaha and maybe a shirt. Faj and Austin are hard to shop for! Pick me! Okay love you bye!

  2. Before reading the comment, I thought…”What kind of combo is this?” I am sitting on David’s Lanai….(no porches in Florida.) I am catching up on your wonderful stories, while I hear lions and tigers from the reserve nearby, roaring for breakfast!

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