Saturday in Cape Town

           Yesterday morning we all successfully completed our midterm! It’s crazy to think that we are half way done with Dr. Bradeson, who leaves on the 21st. After our midterm we had the rest of the day to ourselves. One of the roommates wanted to walk to the Waterfront to look into getting a pay as you go phone so she can call home to the States. I’m thinking I want to do that as well, considering South Africa is pretty slow on the whole wifi deal with the Skype connections. It was also a beautiful day yesterday. Even though we’re still technically in the last part of winter, the sun was incredibly warm. Before we left, we got a chance to meet this guy Luke, who sets up tours with his company “Angel African Tours” (his last name is Angel, yeah for real). He’s been working with Dr. Murphy and some of the past students that have studied abroad in SA before. He was very nice, informative, and a great person to ask questions. (And mom, for your information he’s married, late 30s/early 40s, but has a nice South African accent).

            After the Waterfront trip, we headed back to the room to wait to go to dinner as an entire group with Luke. We went to a place “LITERALLY” right around the corner. It was called Café Extra Blatt – whatever that means! We got a chance to get to know Luke, who flew in from Johannesburg (they call it Joburg here!) and his passion for traveling. He also shared with us his past during apartheid. He said how when he went to school, he had to enlist in the military for the apartheid government, even though him and his family were totally against it. It’s so interesting to hear stories from people who lived through apartheid, which was only 20 years ago! It’s like asking your grandparents or great-great grandparents what the Holocaust, Great Depression, or any major event in history was like.           

            After dinner, Arlene’s daughter Kaylynn was going to take those who wanted to go out to experience the Cape Town nightlife. I decided to go. Yes, me! We all just wanted to see what it was like, and it was insane! We took a taxi to Long Street, which is the IT place for the club/bar scene in the cape. We left our apartment at 9pm, and most of the places weren’t even open until 10, AND they don’t get busy Kaylynn said until after midnight. I was not going to last long. Luke also told us that people would stay out until 6am the next morning! Charleston bars close at 1! I was not prepared for that. 6 out of our group of 8 went with Kaylynn and her friend Amy. They were really nice, kept us all together, and showed us some of the places on Long Street. Long Street is the perfect name for that street because it is LOOONNNGGGG. I would totally go back during the daytime because they had a lot of nifty shops that we wanted to go into. At some of the bars, I soon realized how much I love the “no smoking” law back in the States. Most of the places we went to were cramped and extremely loud music, and people could just smoke inside wherever they wanted! I already had a nasty cough/scratch throat, but combined with at least 5 people smoking really close to you was wayyyyy too much. Me and two other girls decided to head back early, which isn’t even early. We got back at 11:45 after Kaylynn’s boyfriend gave us a ride back home, who totally ripped us off. The taxi on the way there was R45 rand for 6 people split evenly, and her boyfriend charged us R50 per person for the ride back! I might talk to Dr. Bredesen about that one. But, he probably could have used the money more than I. When I got back my clothes, and I mean all of my clothes – jacket, tshirt, tank top, and scarf all reeked of smoke. I might have to burn them. Good thing laundry day is tomorrow! Today I have to get a crackin on our Mandela essay that’s due Tuesday. I might be spending some time at the coffee shop this afternoon to get it done. Sadly I have no pictures from last night, oh darn!! TTFN!


One thought on “Saturday in Cape Town

  1. Hahaha….This grandma can tell you about the “smoking bars” of long ago. Another point in history. I recall when Villa Olivia stopped smoking in their restaurant….They were one of the very FIRST ones and everyone said they would lose business….NOT! …and that was about 20 years ago!

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