Lions Head Climbing!

Today was the day we climbed Lions Head (“nothing major!”). Let me repeat myself. We mountain climbed up Lions Head Mountain. It’s a mountain!! We were about 2,100 ft above sea level. Our heads were LITERALLY up in the clouds – it was EXTRAORDINARY! It was really hard work and it was really busy on a Sunday. What I’ve noticed is that everyone in South Africa is incredibly active. People are out every morning doing all sorts of exercise. In fact I have yet to see an obese South African come to think of it! Yesterday morning when we were leaving for our tour at 8:30 am, the streets and sidewalks were filled with runners, some walkers, some bikers, and lots and lots of dogs! South Africans love their dogs. They take them everywhere. Including up Lions Head! As we were climbing the mountain we saw so many dogs hiking with their people to the very top and walking right up to the ledge! They weren’t afraid; they probably do it all the time! We also saw some serious climbers too. One fine looking guy was climbing up the mountain bare foot, which apparently lots of South Africans do, not because they can’t afford shoes, but because they like it! (he also advised against a shirt as he climbed – lots of good views up there!) But we had a great day! When we got back we were exhausted. Dr. Bredesen wanted to take us to the Waterfront, which is like a mall and a boardwalk, and a marina all mixed in one designed for tourists. I did some shopping too! I found a thimble for my mom (which I was on a mission for to add to her collection), a South African rugby shirt for Aaron, and nice colorful bag for myself, and a new camera!! The one I currently have is old, a Sony, and incredibly unpredictable. I got it for R1200, which is $120!! And it’s a good camera! It was very productive.

Slowly but surely I’m trying to pick up some Afrikaans lingo (one of the 11 or             12 local languages). So far I know that “leeker” means “great” or “good”. I also know that if you want just plain old coffee, you have to as for “filtered coffee”. So far all I’ve been getting are Americanos because the places I’ve been to don’t respond when I say “regular coffee”. I’ll have to remember that for next time. I know I’ll be sore tomorrow, for our Xhosa and drumming lesson! We’ll see how it goes J




2 thoughts on “Lions Head Climbing!

  1. Haha, no getting away from dogs! It’s great that the people are so active there. And how wonderful to climb a mountain into the clouds. You are seeing some beautiful sights–all kinds of beautiful sights, it seems. 😉 Can’t wait for you to teach us some of the lingo …

    • Had my first lesson in Xhosa today! It’s hard! You use “clicks” and all kinds of stuff. When you say “Xhosa”, you actually click with your tongue and say “(*click*)osa” I still can’t do it!

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