More historical facts – i’m learning a lot!

One of the most interesting things that I learned yesterday from Ebrahim is what each of the colors of the South African flag stands for. Ebrahim explained that South Africans were allowed to design their own flag that would be placed in a drawing and the winning design would be the country’s flag (ironically the person whose design was chosen was Irish!). Black: represents the black South Africans who make up about 79% of the country’s population and also represent the fall of apartheid.

Gold: represents the minerals that are found in South Africa. South Africa is an extremely valuable country with an abundance of gold, diamonds, limestone, etc. etc.

Green: represents agriculture. I found this interesting – South Africa is an export nation, not an import nation. Their fruits and vegetables are all locally grown and everything is made right there in the country. Ebrahim says that if a fruit/vegetable isn’t grown in South Africa, they don’t have it at all.

White: many people think that the white represents the white South African population, but it actually represents peace and hope. Peace and hope that was brought to South Africa after apartheid was destroyed.

Red: represents the blood that was shed and the lives that were lost to make South Africa an equal nation

Blue: represents the blue sky. Ironically blue is below the red, when one would think that the sky would be “on top” (skyfall, mom). But actually the blue is meant to be on the bottom because after apartheid was destroyed and the blood shed was gone, people could see the blue sky.

Yesterday we also went to Leebram Hill which I learned was the very first Dutch settlement in South Africa. They built it like a castle with a moat all around it used to keep the soldiers in and “enemies” out. It was built like almost 400 years ago and still has the original doors, cobblestone, and everything. 

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