Cape tours Day 3!

It’s only Day 3 and already I’ve seen and learned sooooo much in South Africa! Today we hit the tourist spots along the coast. I got some really good pictures too. We had a tour guide named Alexi who drove us around all day. He says that he has a brain for useless information, but the guy is so smart when it comes to sharing little factoids of stuff! We saw soo many animals out in the wild – seals, penguins, baboons, ostrich, whales, and more and more! We also did some shopping!!!!!!! I bought a BEAUTIFUL scarf for R170 (aka $17) from one of the local markets. I wish I could have taken pictures. There were lines and lines of little stations set up where the locals make and sell all of their own stuff. They sold beaded jewelry, bags (I haven’t found just the right one yet, mom!), and all sorts of little trinkets. I wore my scarf the rest of the day, and now all of the other girls want scarves! LITERALLY I’m such a trend setter haha (one of the girls on the trip asked if I did any modeling…. Hahahaha!) Also, beaded stuff is really popular here. Yesterday we saw people on the street making these baskets out of wire with colorful beads. They’re everywhere. So when we were walking around today we stopped by a market and I spotted the coolest looking wire basket with beads and bought it for R100 ($10) after Dr. Bredesen talked me into it. So mom, I have something else for youuuu!!!!!

            We also did some mountain biking today. Who does biking in Africa up the mountains with the ocean right next to you?! We also saw tons of animals just out in the wild chilling. Seals, Penguins, baboon, ostrich, whales, geckos, caterpillars, tortoises, other antilope/deer looking animals, and these male bulls that were fighting off in the distance (mating season!). We did some hiking up huge mountains too. We went to Cape of Good Hope right on the water, which was beautiful, rode a boat, cable car-ed up to the Cape Point Light House, and everything. This blog is not doing my trip justice!! My mind is so scatter-brained because we saw so many amazing things that I can’t keep track of them all! Tomorrow we hike up Lion’s Head Mountain… wish me luck!



One thought on “Cape tours Day 3!

  1. I can’t believe how much you’ve already done! Biking up mountains? Seeing all that wildlife. It’s wonderful. How will you come home to our flat, paved suburbia? Love that you found the scarf and are setting a trend. I wonder what you’ll be wearing when you come home… 😉

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