Apparently baboons are dangerous? In recent years, stupid humans started feeding the baboons that made them be kind of aggressive towards people. Dr. Murphy said that on a previous trip, a baboon snatched a girl’s backpack and stole her lipstick! They see people’s backpacks and assume that they have food in them! Alexi said that certain cities outside of the cape have been totally invaded by baboons. Some people even have to change the door handles from the push down lever to the round circular opener because the baboons haven’t yet grasped how to open those doors! He also said that they know how to get into people’s windows. So they’re scary! Dr. Bredesen, another girl and I decided to ride bikes again after lunch and we were going to meet up with our group at a beach… the three of us got there when we saw a line up of cars back up and out walk a huge group of baboons. We were still on our bikes!!!!!!!! We stopped, crossed the road, and the baboons started walking towards us. It was so creepy! I surely thought that one of them was going to jump on my back and bite me or something. but they didn’t. Don’t mess with the baboons!

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